Casual Button-Down Utility-Chic Trousers with Pockets

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You’re Feminine but Edgy

Functional trousers that give off casual-cool
  • Longer-lasting Fabric: Wear your pants for longer with our unique cotton blend that’s both durable and soft to the touch.
  • Get Stuff Done: With big, deep pockets you can carry more belongings and get more done on a whim, like gardening or running to the farmer’s market. Just grab your stuff and go.
  • Soften Your Utility Look: The pockets and rolled-up pants appear functional, but the loose fit, quality soft material, and cute button fly detail soften the edge for daily wear.
  • Stand Out with something different: Not quite jeans and not quite cotton slacks, these pants have a unique utility look that captures attention with an artsy flair.
  • Shrink Resistant: Our cotton blend is designed to be washed multiple times in warm water with a reduced risk of shrinking. Relax - this is one pair of pants you don’t have to worry about.

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Stay Active and With the Trends

These pants from our Chic Utility line are a modern twist on classic utility wear. They have the ease and durability of workwear with a soft, graceful fabric and cute feminine details to round it out. Great for the modern, active woman.

Your Look is Casual-Cool

Deep pockets and buckle fly add a functional edge to your look and loose, slightly tapered pants that are rolled at the bottom give off casual-cool.

Lean More Into Utility or Chic

The grey and green colors are well-planned and practical, and the blue and pink highlight your femininity for a softer touch to a functional look.

Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

CARE TIPS: Machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent in cold water. Air dry. Avoid high heat. Iron as needed on a low heat setting.
Size Waist Hips Length
S 26 39 39
M 27.6 40.9 39.4
L 29.1 42.9 40.2
XL 30.7 44.9 40.6
2XL 32.3 46.9 41.3
3XL 33.9 48.8 41.7
4XL 35.4 50.8 42.5
5XL 37 52.8 42.9
Yes, our sizes for this product reach up to 5XL.
The trousers are ideal for casual outings, however, if you want something comfortable that can transition to evening, check out our other clothing lines.
You can iron the garment as needed on a low-heat setting.
Yes, our fabric blend is ultra-soft and comfortable.
The material is a mix of cotton and polyester which makes the pants shrink resistant, however, you should always care for the garment per the instructions, i.e. avoid high heat.
For now, we offer popular solid colors. They’re great for pairing with other prints in your closet!
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